Saturday, April 15, 2017

Supervising George Lucas

I bought recently a Blu-ray disc of George Lucas's wonderful 1973 film and American cultural document American Graffiti. The vid was marked down quite a bit which helped my decision. Also marked down to the same low price of $7.99 was Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but since it's not my kind of movie (I was disappointed in that flick when I first saw it upon its original release) I did not even consider grabbing that one too.)

Back to my brand new American Graffiti Blu-ray: Later in the day I had a look at the box and saw a bit of text that had the unfortunate effect of reminding me that Mr. Lucas 'played' with the film -- for instance he put in a lovely sunset in the opening titles background. A little dismay set in. Much in the same vein as when Ward and June Cleaver's hearts would sag any time Eddie Haskell showed up unannounced at their door. My 'Eddie Haskell' was this text on the Graffiti box: "Digitally Remastered Picture Supervised by George Lucas."

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Tibor said...

Ugh...does he have to screw around with everything!?!